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The effect of variable rock mass properties on pile-rock interaction poses a great challenge to the design of stabilizing piles and numerical analysis of pile-rock interaction. The paper presents a novel method to estimate the properties of weathered bedrock, which can be applied to routine design of landslide-stabilizing piles for collivial landslides. The Ercengyan landslide located in the Three Gorges Reservoir, China, is the area of interest for this study. A geological investigation and triaxial tests were conducted to estimate the basic parameters, including Geological Strength Index(GSI), uniaxial compressive strength σ_(ci) and Hoek-Brown constant m_i of intact bedrock in the study area. Hoek-Brown criterion was used to estimate mechanical properties of the weathered rock, including elastic modulus E_m, cohesion c, friction angle Φ, and normal ultimate lateral resistance p_(max). A parametric study was performed to evaluate the effect of parameterizations of GSI, σ_(ci) and m_i on the bedrock properties and p-y curves. The estimated rock mass properties were used with PLAXIS 2D software to simulate pile-rock interaction. Effect of GSI on stress at the pile-rock interface and in the rock, pile bending moment, pile shear force, and p-y curve were analysed.  相似文献   
南极高原拥有独特的天文观测优势,为了对南极中山站夜天文观测条件进行实测研究,中国科学院云南天文台专门研制了一套具有耐低温、自动除雪除霜等适应南极气候特征的全自动全天信息采集系统,该系统可以提供实时的全天云量、天光背景和全天图像,并将信息推送到网页实时显示。介绍了系统的研制及为适应南极气候进行的耐低温实验,统计分析了中山站2016~2017年的全天信息数据,结果显示,中山站2016和2017年的可观测时间为772.21 h和437.38 h,可观测夜数为93 d和51 d,天光背景最大真实值为22.05 Mag/arcsec 2,年平均气温为-10.6℃,最高气温19.1℃,最低气温为-44℃,2016年平均相对湿度为55.2%。  相似文献   
A three-dimensional elastic nonhydrostatic mesoscale(β-γ)model with nested-grid is presented.It uses a set of fullequations in terrain-following coordinates as its basic dynamic frame,which is solved with a time-splitting algorithmfor acoustic and gravity waves.The model physical parameterization includes a K-theory subgrid eddy mixing for cloudand free atmosphere,a bulk planetary boundary layer parameterization,and three types of sofisticated cloudmicrophysics schemes with double-parameters for hail-bearing clouds,warm clouds and snowing clouds respectively.The model is designed to be used flexibly for simulations of a variety of meso-and small-scale atmospheric processes,and can be improved as a regional and local operational NWP system in future.  相似文献   
王猛  刘焰  何延波  魏东 《地质科学》2008,43(3):603-622
利用GTOPO30和SRTM3数字高程(DEM)数据,提取了喜马拉雅山脉(造山带)的数字高程模型并对其进行了地质地貌的初步分析。从SRTM3数字高程数据提取出坡度数据,初步分析了喜马拉雅山脉坡度和高程的特征。数字高程和坡度图清楚地展现了喜马拉雅大型断裂带(构造边界)的空间分布特征。分析了中国气象局下属的西藏、青海、四川和云南4省区气象观测台站55年来的年平均降水量观测数据、喜马拉雅山脉南坡的年平均降水量数据、喜马拉雅DEM和裂变径迹数据,发现喜马拉雅山脉从东至西,年平均降水量逐渐减少,地形起伏逐渐变小,而高程渐次升高,与此同时剥蚀速率降低;从北至南,年平均降水量逐渐增加,地形起伏增大,高程快速降低,而剥蚀速率则急剧升高。这充分说明了喜马拉雅年平均降水量大的地区,地表剥蚀作用相对较强,年平均降水量小的地区,地表剥蚀作用则较弱,即:在喜马拉雅地区,长周期的地表剥蚀过程(可长达数个百万年时间尺度)和短周期(仅仅50年)的降水量观测是耦合的。  相似文献   
利用一个斜压两层海洋模式解析地研究了赤道东、西太平洋对信风张弛的响应特征.研究表明:当赤道上空偏东信风张弛或转为西风时,由于打破了海洋原来的平衡关系,结果在赤道东、西太平洋的温跃层附近产生了扰动并开始传播.西太平洋温跃层附近的扰动向东传播的速度远大于东太平洋扰动向西传播的速度,而且与东太平洋温跃层扰动向西传播的狭窄范围和小振幅相比,西太平洋温跃层扰动向东传播的范围和强度均很大.这与最近几次强厄尔尼诺增暖事件暖水从赤道西太平洋向赤道中、东太平洋的迅速传播特征是一致的.  相似文献   
In this paper, the marine ship observation data sets in the seventh (October 16-December 4. 1989) and eighth (June 1-July 16, 1990) cruises of PRC -US tropical ocean and global atmosphere (TOGA) joint scientific investigation in the tropical western Pacific are used to analyze the elements such as sea surface temperature (SST), surface wind field, fluxes and net heat budget, which are important physical parameters of underlying earth's surface influencing the global mean circulation evolution on seasonal and interannual time scales. These diagnostic analyses are very beneficial to the understanding of the regional climate characteristics and the air-sea interaction mechanism, and the improving of surface flux parameterizations and regional or global climate model.  相似文献   
西太平洋暖池变异及其对西太平洋次表层海温场的影响   总被引:9,自引:0,他引:9  
应用热带太平洋上层XBT温度资料,分析研究了西太平洋暖池区(0°~16°N,125°~145°E)上层海洋的变化特征以及与西太平洋次表层海温场之间的关系.研究表明,西太平洋暖池区的垂向温度存在显著的年际变化,尤其在次表层(120~200m)的变化最为明显.西太平洋暖池区的次表层冷暖信号明显早于西太平洋次表层的海温异常.分析发现,西太平洋暖池区的海温异常是导致整个西太平洋次表层海温场变异的关键区,当西太平洋暖池区的次表层冷暖信号加强时,3~4个月后西太平洋海温场出现大范围的冷暖异常.  相似文献   
1 IntroductionThe El Ni’o atmospheric physics oscillation is anabnormal phenomenon involved in the tropical Pacificocean- atmosphere interactions. Studies on the El Ni(ophenomenon are very attractive (Lin et al., 2000; Linet al., 2001, 2002; Wang, 2001; Feng et al., 2001;Feng et al., 2002; Liu et al., 2002; Wei and Chen,2003; Xie et al., 2002; Zhu et al., 2002; Pu et al.,2003; Gu et al., 2004; Yu and Liu, 2004). Lin and Mo(2004), Mo and Lin (2004) and Mo et al. (2004) alsostudied a s…  相似文献   
高空大气温度变化趋势不确定性的研究进展   总被引:4,自引:0,他引:4  
IPCC第4次评估报告指出:近50年来,全球对流层温度趋于升高、平流层趋于下降;同时强调了研究结果中普遍存在的不确定性,造成不确定性的主要原因是原始资料、台站选取和不同均一化方法。从理论基础入手,系统地总结了国内、外近年来高空大气温度长期变化趋势的研究成果及其不确定性产生的主要原因,详细介绍了高空大气温度序列的质量控制和均一化方法,并对我国探空台站温度序列的不确定性进行了探讨。利用静力学方法进行质量控制,以最大资料缺测率30%作为序列取舍标准,用两相回归法和再分析序列均一化处理116个中国探空站高空温度序列。研究结果表明,1958年以来我国对流层中低层趋于升温,其中1980年以后升温尤为明显;而平流层下层显示降温。   相似文献   
摘要: 近年国际上相控阵技术在大气探测领域中的应用有了重要进展,成为雷达气象学研究的又一新热点,并可能成为今后天气雷达发展的重要方向。介绍了相控阵技术在大气探测中应用现状和研究进展,以及近年在气象应用中所获得的最新研究结果,展望了相控阵技术的应用前景,进一步讨论了开展相控阵技术研究所面临的技术挑战和未来发展的方向。为我国开展相控阵天气雷达的研制提供参考。  相似文献   
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