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The Laurentide Ice Sheet was characterized by a dynamic polythermal base. However, important data and knowledge gaps have led to contrasting reconstructions in areas such as the Labrador Ice Divide. In this study, detailed fieldwork was conducted at the southeastern edge of a major landform boundary to resolve the relative ice flow chronology and constrain the evolution of the subglacial dynamics, including the migration and collapse of the Labrador Ice Divide. Surficial mapping and analysis of 94 outcrop‐scale ice flow indicators were used to develop a relative ice flow chronology. 10Be exposure ages were used with optical ages to confine the timing of deglaciation within the study area. Four phases of ice flow were identified. Flow 1 was a northeasterly ice flow preserved under non‐erosive subglacial conditions associated with the development of an ice divide. Flow 2 was a northwest ice flow, which we correlate to the Ungava Bay Ice Stream and led to a westward migration of the ice divide, preserving Flow 2 features and resulting in Flow 3's eastward‐trending indicators. Flow 4 is limited to sparse fine striations within and around the regional uplands. The new optical ages and 10Be exposure ages add to the regional geochronology dataset, which further constrains the timing of ice margin retreat in the area to around 8.0 ka. Copyright © 2019 The Authors. Journal of Quaternary Science Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.  相似文献   
卫星观测的我国近海海域闪电分布特征   总被引:1,自引:1,他引:0       下载免费PDF全文
利用星载闪电探测仪OTD(optical transient detecter)和LIS(lightning imaging sensor)所获取的1995年6月—2006年4月的卫星闪电资料,结合NOAA Optimum Interpolation SST海温资料,分析我国近海海域的闪电分布时空特征以及闪电活动与该海域海温之间的相关性。结果表明:我国近海闪电密度平均值为3.39 fl·km~(-2)·a~(-1),其中,南海和渤海的闪电活动相对频繁,随着与海岸线间距离以及纬度的增加,该海域闪电密度逐渐下降;在春季和冬季,黑潮主干海域的海温值相对较高,该处闪电活动也明显强于同纬度的东海近海和太平洋海域,表明黑潮海域是强闪电活动区;在季节变化上,我国近海海域闪电活动与同海域海温呈明显正相关,相关系数达0.797,闪电活动与海温变化体现出了一致的变化趋势;而在年际变化上,我国近海海域闪电活动与该海域海温的线性相关不显著,说明我国近海海域海温的年际变化并不是引起该海域闪电活动年际变化的主要原因。  相似文献   
基于MapObjects的阜新市荒漠化土地信息系统的设计与实现   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
利用阜新地区荒漠化土地详查数据,采用VB编程语言和MapObjects组件开发了阜新市荒漠化土地信息系统。文中对该系统的开发环境与数据处理、系统数据库设计、主体结构等作了阐述,并介绍了该系统的功能,为荒漠化土地监测和规划提供辅助决策手段。  相似文献   
The 0.5°×0.5°grid resolution distribution of lightning density in China and its circumjacent regions have been analyzed by using the satellite-borne OTD (Apr 1995-Mar 2000) and LIS (Dec 1997-Mar 2003) databases. It is shown that: (i) Firstly, the variability of the lightning density (LD) is particularly pronounced over the different subareas, 9 times greater over the south than the north side of Himalayas Mountains, 2.5 times greater over the eastern than the western area of China. While the maximum and minimum LD are respectively 31.4fl/km2/a (in Guangzhou region) and less than 0.2fl/km2/a (in the desert of western China). Secondly, the LD of China's continent regularly varies with latitude and distance off coast, which is consistent with annual mean precipitation in varying trend. In conclusion, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the China's three-step staircase topography and the latitude are three important factors affecting macro-scale characteristics of the LD distribution, (ii) The regional differences  相似文献   
基于AMSR-E土壤湿度产品的LIS同化试验   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2       下载免费PDF全文
由陆面信息系统 (Land Information System, 简称LIS) 通过NOAH陆面过程模型使用集合卡尔曼滤波开展AMSR-E (Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer-Earth Observing System) 土壤湿度同化试验,得到2003年中国区域垂直深度为4层、水平空间分辨率为0.25°×0.25°的土壤湿度试验数据。使用农业气象观测站土壤相对湿度和国家生态系统野外科学观测研究站土壤体积含水量对试验结果进行检验,结果表明:同化过程整体上提高了陆面模型的模拟精度,草地生态系统模拟精度高于作物和森林生态系统;有效的同化过程依赖于AMSR-E土壤湿度的准确性;模拟出的土壤湿度空间分布特征与实际相符。同化试验得到的时空相对连续且精度相对准确的土壤湿度数据是气候变化和干旱监测的重要数据基础。  相似文献   
Data from the World Wide Lightning Location Network (WWLLN) for the period 2005-2011 and data composite of the Lightning Imaging Sensor/Optical Transient Detector (LIS/OTD) for 1995-2010 are used to analyze the lightning activity and its diurnal variation over land and ocean of the globe. The Congo basin shows a peak mean annual flash density of 160.7 fl km-2 yr-1 according to the LIS/OTD. The annual mean land to ocean flash ratio is 9.6:1, which confirms the result from Christian et al. in 2003 based on only 5-yr OTD data. The lightning density detected by the WWLLN is in general one order of magnitude lower than that of the LIS/OTD. The diurnal cycle of the lightning activity over land shows a single peak, with the maximum activity occurring around 1400-1900 LT (Local Time) and a minimum in the morning from both datasets. The oceanic diurnal variation has two peaks: the early morning peak between 0100 and 0300 LT and the afternoon peak with a stronger intensity between 1100 and 1400 LT over the Pacific Ocean, as revealed from the WWLLN dataset; whereas the diurnal variation over ocean in the LIS/OTD dataset shows a large fluctuation.  相似文献   
关于土地信息系统中空间分析功能的思考   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
针对已建成的土地信息系统偏重于资料的管理,未发挥GIS的空间分析功能且应用能力较低,不能很好地满足土地管理操作运行的基本需要。根据土地管理操作运行的具体要求,构建了具有空间分析功能土地信息系统的结构框架,结合GIS空间分析的基本功能,提出并设计了土地信息系统最基本的空间分析功能,如土地信息变更、土地征用分析、土地评估分析、土地规划分析和专题地图分析功能等。  相似文献   
利用TRMM/LIS 0.1°超高分辨率闪电定位产品, 分析了浙江省及周边地区(117.5~123.0°E, 26~32°N)卫星闪电资料的时空分布特点; 并结合中国区域地面气象要素驱动数据集、亚洲大陆气溶胶光学厚度数据集, 分析了该区域闪电与气象要素的关系。结果表明: 研究区域内闪电平均密度为5.97 f1/(km2·a), 其中陆地闪电平均密度为7.94 f1/(km2·a), 海洋闪电平均密度为2.09 f1/(km2·a), 陆地闪电平均密度为海洋闪电平均密度的3.80倍; 平均闪电密度值逐月变化特征在陆地和海洋区域有很好的一致性, 夏季闪电密度最大, 冬季闪电密度值最小; 陆地闪电密度日变化呈现单峰结构, 海洋闪电密度日变化呈现双峰双谷波形。该区域陆地气温、地面辐射、比湿及降水率均与闪电密度的月变化成正相关, 其中地面降水率和闪电密度月变化相关系数最高, 为0.858 0;气溶胶光学厚度与闪电密度月变化呈现弱的负相关, 相关系数为-0.397 8。   相似文献   
地方发展与地方形象设计初探   总被引:3,自引:0,他引:3  
本文从地方形象概念分析入手,探讨了地方发展与地方形象设计的关系,地方发展过程中的形象特征及形象形成途径,提出了地方形象设计的基本思路,包括地方形象设计的原则、形象战略的协调、形象可视化因子的塑造及形象工程建设等。为地方发展的规划与管理提供一条全新的思路。  相似文献   
本文论述了以数字化地图为原图,利用土地信息系统软件进行土地分类和土地管理的方法;对实际操作时存在的问题提出了解决办法和步骤。  相似文献   
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