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The use of an optical oxygen sensor to measure dissolved oxygen in seawater was investigated. The sensor is based on the dynamic quenching of an oxygen-sensitive fluorochrome embedded in the tip. Dissolved oxygen in seawater samples collected from eight stations at depths ranging from 3000 to 6000 m was analyzed both with the optical sensor and by the Winkler titration method. The two sets of data did not differ significantly. The stability and simplicity of the method and the good agreement of the results with those of the titration method indicate that the sensor would be useful for fieldwork.  相似文献   
Dissolved oxygen (DO) and nitrate concentrations of groundwater from a total of 191 new monitoring wells, with a maximum depth up to 300 m, in the Choshui fan delta of Taiwan were measured to delineate the regional patterns of the two components. Unconfined aquifers of the proximal part of the fan delta contain 1~7 mg/l of DO, and a 250-m deep well still has an unusual value of 1.83 mg/l. DO concentrations decrease downgradient along flow paths to below detection limit (0.01 mg/l) in shallow confined aquifers during the last 40 years, possibly due to oxidation of organic matters in sediments. A plume of high nitrate-N concentrations (0.5–17 mg/l) originating from the proximal part of the fan delta has been developing, possibly since 1956, due to agricultural fertilizers. From 1997 to 2001, the concentration has increased at a rate of ca. 0.28 mg/l per year.  相似文献   
As hypoxic conditions spread in our oceans, indices that quickly and efficiently assess oxygen content in sediment pore water, and habitat quality are increasingly becoming desirable. Depth to the appa...  相似文献   
溶解氧对低洼盐碱地鱼塘物质循环的影响   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1       下载免费PDF全文
对黄淮海平原低洼盐碱地鱼塘中溶解氧与物质循环之间的关系进行了初步研究. 结果表明池塘水体中的溶解氧含量取决于水体中藻类的光合作用及其它生物的耗氧作用扰动的方式时间可显著改变水体中溶解氧的含量. 池塘水体中异养细菌的数量变动除与水体中的有机物质含量等有关外与水体中溶解氧的含量密切相关. 尤其在底泥中这种变化更加明显. 池塘水体中的氨化作用强度磷的转化强度明显地呈现出受水体中的溶解氧含量影响. 当水体中的溶解氧含量增加时导致细菌的现存量及活性的增加使得氨化作用强度磷的转化强度也显著增加这种情况在底泥中表现的更加明显. 池塘水体中反硝化作用强度反硫化作用强度的变化则与水体中溶解氧含量的变化相反. 当水体中溶解氧的含量减少时水体中的反硝化作用强度反硫化作用强度反而大大增加. 这种作用在底泥中表现得也非常明显.  相似文献   
古海洋溶解氧研究方法综述   总被引:11,自引:0,他引:11       下载免费PDF全文
介绍了国内外在古海洋溶解氧研究领域内的主要方法和动态,并分别对沉积构造法、沉积硫法、同位素法、微量元素法、稀土元素法、有机地球化学法及古生态法等研究方法进行了全面的分析和评论,指出,古海洋溶解氧含量重建对于理解大洋循环、古气候、生物绝灭、地质事件以及有机质演化具有十分重要的科学意义,它有赖于溶解氧含量的替代性指标的建立、富氧问题研究的进一步深入以及综合分析气圈、水圈、沉积圈、生物圈等各子系统内部及它们之间氧的物质输送和转化。  相似文献   
文章研究了臭氧及臭氧类高级氧化技术(AOPs-O3)在不同pH条件下降解甲基对硫磷(MP)的效能。结果表明,在pH 3~10的条件下(反应过程控制pH),单独臭氧化5min即可完全降解MP,但不同pH下化学耗氧量(COD)和有机磷的释放率差异明显。在pH为3.3,7.5和9.4的条件下单独臭氧30min后COD的去除率分别为55.17%,89.64%和93.10%,有机磷的释放率分别为16.33%,95.00%和99.99%。考虑酸性条件下可以规避碳酸盐的负面影响(特别是高浓度废水),利用O3/H2O2/Ti(IV)在pH 3.3条件下处理MP溶液,COD去除率和有机磷释放率分别达到89.64%和81.57%。相对法计算求得MP与O3和羟基自由基(·OH)的速率常数分别为31.98L·(mol·s)-1和7.488×109 L·(mol·s)-1。活性污泥法的测试结果表明,MP经O3/Ti(IV)/H2O2(pH=3.3)和O3(pH=9.4)可提升含MP废水的可生化性,但与培养液体系相比仍具有一定的毒性。  相似文献   
2005年8—12月,利用金枪鱼延绳钓渔船对帕劳群岛附近海域进行调查,研究大眼金枪鱼的环境偏好。所获数据包括:①温度、盐度、溶解氧垂直分布,测定的钓钩深度;②作业参数;③渔场气象数据;④渔获统计数据。分析方法和步骤为:①应用逐步回归的方法,建立钓钩预测深度计算模型;②根据温度、盐度、溶解氧垂直分布曲线、预测深度、取样数据,利用统计和聚类分析的方法分析大眼金枪鱼的环境偏好。结果表明:①在帕劳群岛附近海域,大眼金枪鱼偏好的水层为180.0—219.9m、水温范围为11.0—12.9℃、盐度范围为34.50—34.99、溶解氧范围为3.00—3.99mg/L;②一般情况下,水温及其体温的变化决定成熟大眼金枪鱼的活动水层,其偏好的水温为10.0—14.0℃;③大眼金枪鱼的适盐性较广;④溶解氧高于门限值(0.8mg/L)时,大眼金枪鱼的分布由其它环境因子决定。  相似文献   
Recent models of chemical weathering in alpine glacial meltwaters suggest that sulphide oxidation is a major source of solute in the distributed component of the subglacial hydrological system. This reaction requires O2, and may lower dissolved oxygen levels to below saturation with respect to the atmosphere. This should result in an inverse association between SO72- and dissolved oxygen saturation. However, measurements of O2 saturation in bulk meltwaters draining the Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Switzerland, show that there is a positive association between SO42- and O2 saturation. The O2 content of glacial meltwaters depends on the initial content of snow and icemelt, which may be controlled by the rate of melting, and the kinetic balance between O2 losses (e.g. sulphide oxidation, microbial respiration) and gains (e.g. diffusion of O2 into solution).  相似文献   
龚春生  范成新 《湖泊科学》2010,22(3):430-436
在实验室控制条件下,研究了玄武湖底泥在饱和溶解氧、75%、50%、25%、0%溶解氧水平下底泥-水界面磷交换,探讨了溶解氧对底泥-水界面磷交换的影响途径.结果表明:(1)上覆水溶解氧与玄武湖底泥溶解性磷酸盐、溶解性总磷释放速率呈开口向上的抛物线关系;(2)上覆水溶解氧水平可以决定磷在底泥-水界面交换中的转换方向,而且还影响间隙水中溶解氧扩散深度,25%、50%、75%和饱和溶解氧水平下溶解氧最大扩散深度分别为0.974cm、1.377cm、1.687cm和1.948cm,溶解氧在间隙水中最大扩散深度影响底泥-水界面的磷交换;(3)溶解氧可通过影响底泥-水界面处电位、藻类聚磷作用以及pH来影响底泥-水界面的磷交换.  相似文献   
Most of the water quality models previously developed and used in dissolved oxygen (DO) prediction are complex. Moreover, reliable data available to develop/calibrate new DO models is scarce. Therefore, there is a need to study and develop models that can handle easily measurable parameters of a particular site, even with short length. In recent decades, computational intelligence techniques, as effective approaches for predicting complicated and significant indicator of the state of aquatic ecosystems such as DO, have created a great change in predictions. In this study, three different AI methods comprising: (1) two types of artificial neural networks (ANN) namely multi linear perceptron (MLP) and radial based function (RBF); (2) an advancement of genetic programming namely linear genetic programming (LGP); and (3) a support vector machine (SVM) technique were used for DO prediction in Delaware River located at Trenton, USA. For evaluating the performance of the proposed models, root mean square error (RMSE), Nash–Sutcliffe efficiency coefficient (NS), mean absolute relative error (MARE) and, correlation coefficient statistics (R) were used to choose the best predictive model. The comparison of estimation accuracies of various intelligence models illustrated that the SVM was able to develop the most accurate model in DO estimation in comparison to other models. Also, it was found that the LGP model performs better than the both ANNs models. For example, the determination coefficient was 0.99 for the best SVM model, while it was 0.96, 0.91 and 0.81 for the best LGP, MLP and RBF models, respectively. In general, the results indicated that an SVM model could be employed satisfactorily in DO estimation.  相似文献   
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