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This paper presents a computational model of simulating a deep-sea hydrothermal plume based on a Lagrangian particle random walk algorithm. This model achieves the efficient process to calculate a numerical plume developed in a fluid-advected environment with the characteristics such as significant filament intermittency and significant plume meander due to flow variation with both time and location. Especially, this model addresses both non-buoyant and buoyant features of a deep-sea hydrothermal plume in three dimensions, which significantly challenge a strategy for tracing the deep-sea hydrothermal plume and localizing its source. This paper also systematically discusses stochastic initial and boundary conditions that are critical to generate a proper numerical plume. The developed model is a powerful tool to evaluate and optimize strategies for the tracking of a deep-sea hydrothermal plume via an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV).  相似文献   
In this paper, we propose a hybrid forecasting model to improve the forecasting accuracy for depth-averaged current velocities (DACVs) of underwater gliders. The hybrid model is based on a discrete wavelet transform (DWT), a deep belief network (DBN), and a least squares support vector machine (LSSVM). The original DACV series are first decomposed into several high- and one low-frequency subseries by DWT. Then, DBN is used for high-frequency component forecasting, and the LSSVM model is adopted for low-frequency subseries. The effectiveness of the proposed model is verified by two groups of DACV data from sea trials in the South China Sea. Based on four general error criteria, the forecast performance of the proposed model is demonstrated. The comparison models include some well-recognized single models and some related hybrid models. The performance of the proposed model outperformed those of the other methods indicated above.  相似文献   
Profiles observed by Sea-Wing underwater gliders are widely applied in scientific research. However, the quality control(QC) of these data has received little attention. The mismatch between the temperature probe and conductivity cell response times generates erroneous salinities, especially across a strong thermocline. A sensor drift may occur owing to biofouling and biocide leakage into the conductivity cell when a glider has operated for several months. It is therefore critical to design a mature real-time QC procedure and develop a toolbox for the QC of Sea-Wing glider data. On the basis of temperature and salinity profiles observed by several Sea-Wing gliders each installed with a Sea-Bird Glider Payload CTD sensor, a real-time QC method including a thermal lag correction, Argo-equivalent real-time QC tests, and a simple post-processing procedure is proposed. The method can also be adopted for Petrel gliders.  相似文献   
随着微创手术的发展,虚拟手术的应用前景越来越广阔.力反馈作为虚拟手术的核心技术,其实现的效果直接影响了虚拟手术的沉浸感.通过对经典包围盒碰撞检测算法进行研究比对,选择了球包围盒的碰撞检测算法,并建立了精确的反馈力计算模型,实现了介入血管中的柔性碰撞仿真.该仿真具有很高的实时性和精度.  相似文献   
南海北部具有丰富的温度锋面和中尺度涡,它们调节着局地的热量和能量平衡。本文利用卫星海洋高度异常和海表温度数据,并基于自动探测方法,探究了2007年至2017年南海北部中尺度涡边缘的海表温度锋面(涡致锋面)特征。反气旋/气旋边缘出现锋面的概率可达20%。气旋涡在各个方向上出现锋面的概率比较均匀,反气旋涡的东北部和西南部出现锋面的概率大于西北部和东南部。中尺度涡致锋面的数量有明显的季节变化,而涡动能未表现出明显的季节变化。中尺度涡致锋区的总涡动能是中尺度涡内动能的3倍,并且反气旋涡致锋面的总涡动能明显强于气旋涡致锋面的总涡动能。中尺度涡致锋面的数量和涡动能的年际变化与厄尔尼诺南方涛动指数没有明显的相关性。本研究也讨论了中尺度涡致锋面的可能机制,但是中尺度涡对海表温度锋的贡献需要进一步定量研究。  相似文献   
深水滑翔机器人耐压壳体结构优化设计   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
针对深水滑翔机器人耐压壳体在深水中压缩变形和海水密度随水深增大而变化等因素造成驱动浮力变化问题,利用压缩变形和密度变化对驱动浮力影响的互补特性,归纳了载体耐压壳体结构优化设计方法.保证耐压壳体抗压条件和质量最小前提下采用结构优化设计方法,降低耐压壳体压缩变形和海水密度变化对驱动浮力的影响,提高系统能源的利用率.  相似文献   
Lane-level road network updating is crucial for urban traffic applications that use geographic information systems contributing to, for example, intelligent driving, route planning and traffic control. Researchers have developed various algorithms to update road networks using sensor data, such as high-definition images or GPS data; however, approaches that involve change detection for road networks at lane level using GPS data are less common. This paper presents a novel method for automatic change detection of lane-level road networks based on GPS trajectories of vehicles. The proposed method includes two steps: map matching at lane level and lane-level change recognition. To integrate the most up-to-date GPS data with a lane-level road network, this research uses a fuzzy logic road network matching method. The proposed map-matching method starts with a confirmation of candidate lane-level road segments that use error ellipses derived from the GPS data, and then computes the membership degree between GPS data and candidate lane-level segments. The GPS trajectory data is classified into successful or unsuccessful matches using a set of defuzzification rules. Any topological and geometrical changes to road networks are detected by analysing the two kinds of matching results and comparing their relationships with the original road network. Change detection results for road networks in Wuhan, China using collected GPS trajectories show that these methods can be successfully applied to detect lane-level road changes including added lanes, closed lanes and lane-changing and turning rules, while achieving a robust detection precision of above 80%.  相似文献   
张洪彬  徐会希 《海洋工程》2022,40(2):154-161
耐压舱设计是水下机器人的核心技术之一,其极限承载力研究是核心中的核心。针对球壳封盖加柱形壳体耐压舱,现行标准对于初始导入缺陷数值的确定往往过于保守,对于耐压舱体数量较多的无人潜水器来说,过大的设计质量是总体设计所无法接受的。首先采用装配体整体建模策略,建立复合屈曲的受力模型,将三大非线性影响因素同时引入到极限承载力研究中,提升了计算精度。然后分别针对确定性缺陷和非确定性缺陷结构开展极限承载力研究。最后,提出以0.23%的初始缺陷导入尺度作为球壳封盖加圆柱壳体的耐压壳体缺陷导入参数,给出了导入尺度的计算方法,并借助水压试验对上述参数的准确性进行验证。  相似文献   
A novel efficient track initiation method is proposed for the harsh underwater target tracking environment (heavy clutter and large measurement errors): track splitting, evaluating, pruning and merging method (TSEPM). Track initiation demands that the method should determine the existence and initial state of a target quickly and correctly. Heavy clutter and large measurement errors certainly pose additional difficulties and challenges, which deteriorate and complicate the track initiation in the harsh underwater target tracking environment. There are three primary shortcomings for the current track initiation methods to initialize a target: (a) they cannot eliminate the turbulences of clutter effectively; (b) there may be a high false alarm probability and low detection probability of a track; (c) they cannot estimate the initial state for a new confirmed track correctly. Based on the multiple hypotheses tracking principle and modified logic-based track initiation method, in order to increase the detection probability of a track, track splitting creates a large number of tracks which include the true track originated from the target. And in order to decrease the false alarm probability, based on the evaluation mechanism, track pruning and track merging are proposed to reduce the false tracks. TSEPM method can deal with the track initiation problems derived from heavy clutter and large measurement errors, determine the target’s existence and estimate its initial state with the least squares method. What''s more, our method is fully automatic and does not require any kind manual input for initializing and tuning any parameter. Simulation results indicate that our new method improves significantly the performance of the track initiation in the harsh underwater target tracking environment.  相似文献   
以便携式自主水下机器人(AUV)和罩式导向对接平台的水下对接过程为研究对象,将碰撞力大小和对接时间作为评价指标,研究导向罩形状、对接管尺度以及AUV与对接管的偏心距对整个对接过程的影响。在三维建模的基础上,使用ADAMS软件进行动力学仿真分析,结果表明,减小导向罩开口角度、增大对接管直径、减小偏心距可以适当减小碰撞力和对接时间。通过对上述影响因素与评价指标建立函数关系,利用多目标优化设计的方法并结合实际情况对参数做出合理的分析和筛选,为水下机器人对接平台提供设计依据。  相似文献   
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