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The magnetic properties from 200 trigger core-top and Van Veen grab sediment samples recovered from throughout the Gulf of Mexico have been analyzed and used to characterize sediment source and flow pattern distributions. Magnetic parameters included are anhysteretic remanent magnetism (ARM) and magnetic susceptibility (MS) measurements. Results from these measurements are compared to previously determined calcium carbonate percentages, and clay and hematite influx trajectories into the Gulf of Mexico for the same samples reported by Balsam and Beeson [Balsam, W.L. and Beeson, J.P., 2003. Sea-floor sediment distribution in the Gulf of Mexico, Deep-Sea Res. I, 50, 1421–1444.]. The ARM results give an estimate of magnetic grain size distributions, and by analogy, grain size distributions in general, whereas MS patterns show high detrital sediment accumulation zones within the Gulf. The dominant influx of modern high susceptibility sediment into the Gulf of Mexico appears to originate from the Red River, flow into Atchafalaya River Basin and out into the Gulf from Atchafalaya Bay, with significant additional contributions from the Mississippi River through the Southwest Pass of the Mississippi River Delta. This material then moves across the continental shelf and down through the Mississippi Canyon into the deep Gulf where it is redistributed at depths > 3600 m. The eastern shelf margins in the Gulf, offshore from Alabama and Florida, are accumulating calcite- or quartz-rich medium to fine-grained sediment that has a very low or diamagnetic MS signature. From the Louisiana to Texas Gulf coast margins, MS is moderate to high, suggesting a river influx of magnetic constituents from the volcanic fields in New Mexico, and from igneous and metamorphic sources in the Mississippi Basin. Offshore from western Mexico, the MS is high to moderate, but the Yucatan Shelf margin is characterized by low to diamagnetic MS values due to sediment dominated by calcite sands and oozes, a trend that continues to the east onto the West Florida Shelf. Additional measurements of samples collected in association with sites characterized by hydrocarbon seepage exhibit anomalously low MS values. The samples from the lower shelf and slope areas are typified by iron reduction by bacterial organisms in these samples. These results produce anomalous localized lows in the MS trends observed.  相似文献
南黄海北部YA023柱状样0.24~1.45m为末次冰期棕黄色细粒沉积物,以往的研究认为它属于风成黄土沉积。本文对这段沉积物的磁学性质进行了研究,包括磁化率(K)、非磁滞剩磁(ARM)、等温剩磁(IRM)、剩磁矫顽力(Hcr)、低/高矫顽力磁性矿物的比例(S300)、三轴等温磁化实验和磁组构等。实验结果表明,该沉积物的磁性矿物以赤铁矿为主、磁铁矿或钛磁铁矿的含量很低;磁化率各向异性度(P)与磁面理(F)不相关,而P与磁线理(L)存在一定的相关性,磁化率椭球体既有拉长型(扁率E<1)、也有压扁型(E>1),这些实验结果与中国风成黄土的磁学特征显著不同。我们认为,YA023柱状样0.24~1.45m的细粒沉积物应属于末次冰期洪泛沉积,洪泛平原或河漫滩由于周期性地出露地表和被洪水淹没,使沉积物发生周期性成壤化作用和还原成岩作用,导致赤铁矿含量的增加和低矫顽力磁性矿物被溶解。  相似文献
Geochemical tracers, including Ba, Co, Th, 7Be, 137Cs and 210Pb, and magnetic properties were used to characterize terrestrial runoff collected in nearshore time-series sediment traps in Hanalei Bay, Kauai, during flood and dry conditions in summer 2006, and to fingerprint possible runoff sources in the lower watershed. In combination, the tracers indicate that runoff during a flood in August could have come from cultivated taro fields bordering the lower reach of the river. Land-based runoff associated with summer floods may have a greater impact on coral reef communities in Hanalei Bay than in winter because sediment persists for several months. During dry periods, sediment carried by the Hanalei River appears to have been mobilized primarily by undercutting of low 7Be, low 137Cs riverbanks composed of soil weathered from tholeiitic basalt with low Ba and Co concentrations. Following a moderate rainfall event in September, high 7Be sediment carried by the Hanalei River was probably mobilized by overland flow in the upper watershed. Ba-desorption in low-salinity coastal water limited its use to a qualitative runoff tracer in nearshore sediment. 210Pb had limited usefulness as a terrestrial tracer in the nearshore due to a large dissolved oceanic source and scavenging onto resuspended bottom sediment. 210Pb-scavenging does, however, illustrate the role resuspension could play in the accumulation of particle-reactive contaminants in nearshore sediment. Co and 137Cs were not affected by desorption or geochemical scavenging and showed the greatest potential as quantitative sediment provenance indicators in material collected in nearshore sediment traps.  相似文献
TiO2 nano powders with Mn concentration of 0 at%-12 at% were synthesized by the sol-gel process, and were annealed at 500 ℃ and 800 ℃ in air for 2 hrs. X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurements indicate that the Mn-TiO2 nano powders with Mn concentration of 1 at% and 2 at% annealed at 500 and 800 ℃ are of pure anatase and rutile, respectively. The scanning electron microscope (SEM) observations reveal that the crystal grain size increases with the annealing temperature, and the high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) investigations further indicate that the samples are well crystallized, confirming that Mn has doped into the TiO2 crystal lattice effectively. The room temperature ferromagnetism, which could be explained within the scope of the bound magnetic polaron (BMP) theory, is detected in the Mn-TiO2 samples with Mn concentration of 2 at%, and the magnetization of the powders annealed at 500 ℃ is stronger than that of the sample treated at 800 ℃. The UV-VIS diffuse reflectance spectra results demonstrate that the absorption of the TiO2 powders could be enlarged by the enhanced trapped electron absorption caused by Mn doping.  相似文献
选取江苏省南通市黄泥山150cm黄土堆积剖面为研究对象,进行环境磁学及粒度分析,探讨黄泥山黄土堆积的成因。研究发现该堆积物属黏土质粉砂,其粒径较镇江下蜀黄土及北方红黏土、黄土为细。南通黄泥山黄土堆积与镇江大港下蜀黄土的磁性特征具明显的相似性。结合粒度、环境磁学数据推测南通黄泥山黄土堆积与大港下蜀黄土相同,为风成堆积物,堆积物磁性参数的高、低变化反映了暖湿、干冷沉积环境的交替。黄泥山黄土较镇江大港下蜀黄土剖面具有较低的细颗粒亚铁磁性矿物含量和较高的退磁参数S-100比值,指示南通黄土与大港黄土相比,总体上经历了较弱的成壤作用。  相似文献
Petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations (PHC) of surface sediments along the Chennai coast, India, were measured by UV-Fluorescence (UVF) Spectroscopy and the results are expressed in terms of Chrysene equivalents. The concentration of PHC in sediment varies widely (from 1.88 ppm to 39.76 ppm) as compared to the baseline (1.88 ppm) with higher values obtained in the northern part of the study area. The highest magnetic susceptibility (96.8 × 10−8 m3kg−1) value was determined from the Chennai harbour area. The magnetic parameters show that the Chennai coastal sediments are dominated by ferrimagnetic minerals. The positive correlation (r2 = 0.86; p < 0.05) between petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations and magnetic susceptibility suggests that the magnetic minerals and petroleum hydrocarbons along the Chennai coast are derived from the same sources. Factor analysis shows that the magnetic concentration dependent parameters (χ, χARM and SIRM) covary with the petroleum hydrocarbon concentration, suggesting that large amounts of magnetic minerals originate from anthropogenic activities. It is evident that using magnetic measurements may be considered a simple, rapid, cheap and non-destructive method to determine petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations in coastal sediments. Furthermore, this technique may be applied to petroleum exploration studies. Magnetic susceptibility measurements in sediments have been proposed as complementary or alternative means of exploration and assessment of hydrocarbon reservoirs.  相似文献
对东菲律宾海帕里西维拉海盆西侧F090102柱样进行了系统的古地磁和岩石磁学研究,测量了天然剩磁倾角、磁化率、饱和等温剩磁、非磁滞剩磁、-T曲线等磁学参数,进行了磁性地层的划分对比,识别出松山反极性时内的贾拉米洛和奥都维正极性亚时。对磁学参数及其有关比值的研究发现,岩心磁性矿物以低矫顽力磁铁矿为主,可能含有一定的钛磁铁矿。磁性矿物主要是陆源碎屑成因,岩心底段受到海底火山作用的影响。根据磁学参数随深度的变化将岩心分为3段,各段反映了沉积环境和古气候的变化。  相似文献
Detailed rock magnetic investigations were undertaken at 2~4 cm interval for the gravity core CSH1(with a length of 17.36 m) from the northern Okinawa Trough.Time-scale of the core was constructed by two characteristic tephras and foraminferal assemblages,indicating an age of 50 ka for the bottom of the core.Except for three tephras and abrupt decrease in surface,there are little changes in all kinds of rock magnetic parameters that can be correlated to the climate change for the last 50 ka.Different from the common sediments,most S-ratios(S equals the negative ratio of IRM-0.3T to SIRM,which is an indicator of low coercivity content)of the sediments are smaller than 0.9,which implies a substantial amount of magnetic minerals with high coercivity.The existence of iron sulphide(greigite or pyrrhotite) is revealed by representative susceptibility-temperature curves showing 200~350 ℃ Curie temperature in addition to 580 ℃ of magnetite,and also by awful smell during heating and dark heating products.Both the occurrence of authigenic iron sulphide and quick decrease of magnetic parameters near the surface clearly show that sediments from Core CSH1 have undergone early diagenesis.The featureless magnetic changes of the whole core except for three tephras mean that the post-depositonal alteration is so strong that most original signals have been destroyed.For the same reason,the organic matter in sediment and sulphate in pore water must have been consumed along with dissolution,precipitation of iron and manganese happening sequencially during the redox reaction series.Great caution must be taken when using these altered chemical parameters for the interpretation of climatic changes.  相似文献
On the basis of measuring the magnetic parameters of sediment in Core YDZ1, combined with a grain size analysis and Carbon-14 dating, the magnetic properties of sediment and sedimentary environment in the Huanghe(Yellow River) Delta area after the last glacial maximum have been studied. The results show that the ferrimagnetic minerals of a pseudo single domain and multi domain particles dominate the magnetic properties of sediment in Core YDZ1. The imperfect anti ferrimagnetic minerals have more contribution on sediment in a depth of 24.0–22.1 m, and more stable-single domain and pseudo single domain particles exist. The susceptibility of anhysteretic remanent magnetization and the ratio of the susceptibility of anhysteretic remanent magnetization to saturation isothermal remanent magnetization show a decrease trend below depth of 24 m, a marked increase trend in a depth of 24.0–13.5 m, and a rapid decrease at depth of 13.5 m, then a fluctuation trend upward. The above two magnetic parameters and the ratio of the susceptibility of anhysteretic remanent magnetization to the mass susceptibility can be regarded as the proxy indicators for the content of clay(4 μm)and the fine-grained size(32 μm). The sedimentary environment after the last glacial maximum in the Huanghe Delta area has experienced the fluvial facies, the tidal flat facies, the neritic facies, the pro delta facies, the delta front facies and the floodplain facies. Thickness of the Holocene transgression layer is 10.5 m and the depth of substrate is about 24 m according to the YDZ1 core. The sedimentary dynamic has a variation trend with strongweak-strong, which has been proved by the Flemming triangular schema.  相似文献
利用埋栖性双壳类生物泥蚶(Tegillarca granosa)重组铁蛋白富集锰铁的性质,在不同锰铁浓度下制备Fe-铁蛋白和Mn-铁蛋白磁性纳米颗粒,通过扫描电镜观察高、中和低三个浓度下制备Fe-铁蛋白和Mn-铁蛋白磁性纳米颗粒的表面形貌,通过PPMS综合物性测量系统测定Fe-铁蛋白和Mn-铁蛋白磁性纳米颗粒的磁学性质。结果显示,在低浓度(0.1mmol/L)锰铁制备的Fe-铁蛋白和Mn-铁蛋白磁性纳米颗粒粒径均一,分散性好;发现Fe-铁蛋白和Mn-铁蛋白的磁滞回线均表现为超顺磁性,且随着重组铁蛋白对锰铁富集量的增加,磁性强度随之增大,增加速率逐渐减小。通过本实验探索高、中和低三个浓度下制备Fe-铁蛋白和Mn-铁蛋白磁性纳米颗粒的磁化强度变化规律,为Fe-铁蛋白和Mn-铁蛋白磁性纳米颗粒的应用提供数据支持。  相似文献
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