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Mangrove-derived dissolved organic matter(DOM) has an important effect on estuarine and coastal area on a large scale.In order to improve the understanding of origin,composition,and fate of DOM in mangrove-fringed estuarine and coastal areas,dissolved humic substances(DHS) were isolated from one mangrove pore-water sample and one near-shore seawater sample downstream the mangrove pore-water site in the eastern coast of Hainan Island,South China.Fulvic acids,humic acids and XAD-4 fractions were obtained from the two water samples by using a two-column array of XAD-8 and XAD-4 resins.Chemical and spectroscopic methods were used to analyze the features of these DHS.Compared to the mangrove pore-water DHS,the near-shore seawater DHS were found rich in 13 C with lower C/N ratios and more aliphatic compounds and carbohydrates,but less aromatic structures and carboxyl groups.As for the three fractions of the two DHS,XAD-4 fractions contain more aliphatics,carbohydrates,carboxyl groups,and enrich in 13 C with respect to both fulvic and humic acids.Photo-oxidation transformation and contribution from marine-derived DOM were considered as the main reasons resulted in the difference in compositional features for these DHS in this study.  相似文献   
A change in the elevation of bare tidal flats outside a mangrove area is an indispensable factor for the sustainable development of mangroves. Waterline extraction, as an effective and economical tool used in reconstructing the terrain of an intertidal zone, has been widely applied to open-coast tidal flats by constructing a digital elevation model (DEM). However, mangrove wetlands are usually located in wave-sheltered sites, such as estuaries and bays that have narrow tidal channels flanked by tidal flats. Changes in water level are affected by the dry-wet processes of complex landforms caused by tides. This article takes as a study case the area of Yingluo Bay, which covers the core region of the Zhanjiang and Shankou National Mangrove National Nature Reserve in southwestern China. Waterline extraction based on seventeen multisource and multispectral satellite images obtained from December 2014 to April 2015, combining the finite-volume coastal ocean model (FVCOM) hydrodynamic model in an iterative process, was used to generate a topographical map of the bare tidal flat outside the mangrove area in Yingluo Bay. The quality of the iterative DEMs was evaluated via six transects of a ground-based survey using Real - time kinematic (RKT) GPS in May 2015. The mean absolute error (MAE) and root mean square error (RMSE) of the DEM decreased with an increase in the number of iterations. In this study, the DEM in the third iteration was used as the final output because the difference from the previous iterative DEM satisfied an inversion-stopping criterion. The MAE and RMSE of the final DEM with the measured data were 0.072 and 0.09?m, respectively, without considering small tidal creeks. The method used in this study can be an effective and highly precise approach for detecting and reconstructing the historical terrain of a bare tidal flat outside a mangrove area. This work also has great importance regarding intertidal resource management and the sustainable development of mangroves facing the vulnerable coastal ecological environment.  相似文献   
红树林孢粉-气候因子转换函数恢复古环境的可行性初探   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
红树林是一种对温、盐、流及土质等均具严格要求的植被类型,对定量化研究热带,亚热带沿海地区古环境具有重要的意义,通过对广西英罗湾、北海洞尾的红树林表土中孢粉的研究,初步建立起红树林植物孢粉-气候因子的转换函数,将之运用到位于英罗湾的典型钻孔D325的孢粉资料中,获得该孔所记录的年平均温度,最高温度,最低温度,年降雨量以及最高盐度等气候环境指标的变化,同时,与由孢粉分析获得的D325孔记录的全新世以来的7个气候变化阶段相对比,发现具有很好的对应关系,说明利用对环境反映灵敏的红树林孢粉为信息源,建立与环境气候因子的关系,定量恢复环境具可行性。  相似文献   
广西英罗港红树林区鱼类多样性研究   总被引:10,自引:0,他引:10  
1999年4个季度研究了广西英罗港红树林区的林缘和潮沟潮水中鱼类的种类多样性。共发现有鱼类76种,隶属于36科59属。其中林缘有42种,潮沟有54种,4个季度出现的鱼类种数潮沟多于林缘。两生境种类相似性指数较低,表现为:春季>冬季>夏季>秋季。各季节均出现的鱼类在林缘有6种,占全年总种数的14.3%;潮沟有8种,占全年总种数的14.8%;两个季节间共有种最多的:在林缘是夏季与冬季,在潮沟是夏季与秋季,它们的相似性指数也最大。全年在林缘和潮沟均出现的鱼类仅有1种。本区鱼类以暖水性种占绝对优势;但潮沟暖温性种多于林缘。在生态类型上,林缘以中上层种类较多,潮沟则以底层种类较多。  相似文献   
Changes in the concentration of total lipid and fatty acids (FAs) during the decomposition of mangrove leaves were investigated by field experiments using yellow leaves of Bruguiera gymnorrhiza (L.) Lamk. and Kandelia candel (L.) Druce, in order to quantify mangrove contribution to lipid and fatty acid inputs to marine sediments. Total lipid and total FA in the fresh (green and yellow) and decomposing leaves of both species were significantly higher during winter than summer. During decomposition, total lipid content and FA concentration, in particular branched chain fatty acids (BrFAs) and bacterial fatty acids (BFAs), increased to a maximum concentration in 45 days during winter and in 17 days during summer. Lipids were lost faster in K. candel leaf detritus than in B. gymnorrhiza leaf detritus in which >90% of the total lipid original weight was lost during the summer experiment and <60% during the winter experiment. The changes in the concentrations of total lipids and FAs in the decomposing leaves also indicate that mangrove leaves are significant sources of fatty acids and probably other lipid compounds to estuarine ecosystems and that tidal waters transport the lipids and FAs adsorbed to particulate matter from mangroves to adjacent estuarine sediments and the ocean.  相似文献   
西门岛红树林区大型底栖动物的群落结构   总被引:19,自引:0,他引:19  
浙南乐清湾西门岛红树林区是中国红树林的最北分布地,为研究该区红树林与底栖动物的生态关系,于2004年5月和8月对红树林区大型底栖动物进行现场采样,共发现大型底栖动物42种,其中软体动物20种、甲壳类11种、多毛类5种、其它类6种。平均生物量和平均栖息密度分别为74.26g/m2和340个/m2,软体动物和其它类动物分别占总生物量的43%和39%,它们的栖息密度分别占动物总栖息密度的66%和30%。红树林区底栖动物的特征种为可口革囊星虫Phascolosomaesculenta,在中潮区其生物量和栖息密度分别高达84.33g/m2和304个/m2。该红树林区底栖动物群落结构的分析结果表明:底栖动物种类与红树林发育状况呈负相关、底栖动物生物量与红树林发育状况呈正相关,红树林主分布区(中潮区)底内群落结构较低潮区简单、生物量高、物种多样性低,而无红树林的低潮区则与之相反,生物量低、种间分布均匀、多样性高。多样性指数低潮区(2.44)>中潮区(1.21)>高潮区(1.0);均匀度指数为0.30~0.73,中潮区为最低。  相似文献   
对福田国家级红树林自然保护区近岸水域进行水质及生态调查,结果显示,深圳湾潮汐对红树林中微型生物生态及湿地污染状况产生了最为直接的影响;藻类在红树林中具有较好的水质污染指示作用,其生态功能大于纤毛虫、轮虫等微型生态类群;微型生物可通过食物链对污染物起放大和传递作用,传递途径在水体中以藻→纤毛虫为主,底质中以藻→底栖动物幼虫为主。  相似文献   
Mangrove forests dominate many tropical coastlines and are one of the most bio‐diverse and productive environments on Earth. However, little is known of the large‐scale dynamics of mangrove canopies and how they colonize intertidal areas. Here we focus on a fringe mangrove forest located in the Mekong River Delta, Vietnam; a fast prograding shoreline where mangroves are encroaching tidal flats. The spatial and temporal evolution of the mangrove canopy is studied using a time series of Landsat images spanning two decades as well as Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) elevation data. Our results show that fast mangrove expansion is followed by an increase in Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) in the newly established canopy. We observe three different dynamics of the mangrove fringe: in the southwest part of the fringe, near a deltaic distributary where the fringe boundary is linear, the canopy expands uniformly on the tidal flats with a high colonization rate and high NDVI values. In the northeast part of the fringe, near another distributary, the canopy expands at a much lower rate with low NDVI values. In the fringe center, far from the river mouths, the fringe boundary is highly irregular and mangroves expansion in characterized by sparse vegetated patches displaying low NDVI values. We ascribe these different dynamics to wave action and southwest longshore transport triggered by energetic northeasterly monsoons during winter. We further link the large‐scale dynamics of the fringe to small‐scale physical disturbances (waves, erosion and deposition) that might prevent the establishment of mangrove seedlings. Based on these results, we include mangrove encroachment in an already published conceptual model of progradation of the Mekong River Delta. We conclude that high NDVI values and a constantly linear vegetation–water interface are indicative of stable mangrove canopies undergoing fast expansion, probably triggered by sediment availability at the shore. Our results can be applied more generally to mangrove forests growing in minerogenic and high tidal range environments with high sediment inputs. Copyright © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.  相似文献   
翁毅  张伟强 《台湾海峡》2011,30(2):264-268
广州番禺东涌剖面样品的AMS(磁谱仪)年龄及红树林孢粉分析结果表明,珠江三角洲存在晚更新世和全新世的红树林,红树林是海侵的标志之一.按照检出红树属花粉的9个剖面的分布以及5处埋藏红树林腐木的分布,可以描绘出全新世海侵的边界.根据东涌剖面的沉积旋回、样品年龄、红树林花粉含量曲线、半咸水-淡水硅藻及热性-温性硅藻含量曲线的综合分析,可将沉积环境的变迁分为4个阶段.第一阶段和第三阶段的海侵有利于红树林的发展,第二阶段不利于红树林的发展,第四阶段的晚全新世,红树林的生长频繁,显示人为因素的影响.  相似文献   
红树林沉积物来源链霉菌HA6菌株发酵条件的优化   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
肖静  洪专 《台湾海峡》2011,30(4):589-593
HA6菌株是分离自红树林沉积物中具有强抗菌活性的链霉菌.为提高其抗菌活性物质的产量,通过单因子试验及正交试验法对其包括发酵培养基的组成、接种量、通气量和发酵时间等发酵条件进行优化.研究表明其最佳摇瓶发酵培养基配方为:麦芽提取物质量为2.00g、可溶性淀粉质量为3.00g、豆饼粉质量为2.00g、(NH4):SO。质量为1.00g、NaCl质量为3.00g、CaC03质量为0.50g、蒸馏水体积为100cm^3;最优发酵条件为:500em。摇瓶装液体积为150em。,接种量为8%,培养温度为28℃,初始pH为7.5,转速为200r/rain,培养时间为5d.  相似文献   
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