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Recent progress in studies of the South China Sea circulation   总被引:13,自引:1,他引:12  
The South China Sea (SCS) is a semi-enclosed marginal sea with deep a basin. The SCS is located at low latitudes, where the ocean circulations are driven principally by the Asia-Australia monsoon. Ocean circulation in the SCS is very complex and plays an important role in both the marine environment and climate variability. Due to the monsoon-mountain interactions the seasonal spatial pattern of the sea surface wind stress curl is very specific. These distinct patterns induce different basin-scale circulation and gyre in summer and winter, respectively. The intensified western boundary currents associated with the cyclonic and anticyclonic gyres in the SCS play important roles in the sea surface temperature variability of the basin. The mesoscale eddies in the SCS are rather active and their formation mechanisms have been described in recent studies. The water exchange through the Luzon Strait and other straits could give rise to the relation between the Pacific and the SCS. This paper reviews the research results mentioned above.  相似文献
冬季南海北部中尺度涡旋的数值研究   总被引:13,自引:1,他引:12       下载免费PDF全文
南海环流的一个主要特征是上层海洋环流具有多涡结构,海洋中尺度涡旋的演变(时间上的生消和空间上的迁移)是南海流季节调整的可能方式,文中依据卫星遥感海面高度资料和实际海洋观测所揭示观测所提示的南少弱部存在中尺度涡旋体系的基本事实,采用一个改进了涡分辨(eddy-resolving)普林斯顿海洋模式(POM),对冬季处于强盛的东北季风强迫以及黑潮在巴士海峡入侵的共同作用下的南海北部环流的中尺度涡旋体系进  相似文献
南海中尺度涡的季节和年际变化特征分析   总被引:11,自引:0,他引:11  
以11a(1993—2003年)TOPEX/Poseidon、Jason和ERS1/2高度计的融合资料为基础,统计了南海中尺度涡的时空分布,分析了南海中尺度涡的季节和年际变化,并结合QuikSCAT、ERS1/2风场资料初步探讨了南海中尺度涡形成的可能机制。研究结果表明,南海中尺度涡存在明显的季节和年际变化,而季风强迫是这种变化的主要驱动因素。冬季冷涡(气旋涡)主要分布在吕宋岛西北和越南东南海域,而暖涡(反气旋涡)主要在18°N以北出现。春季暖涡在南海中部开始出现并得到充分发展。夏季暖涡明显多于冷涡,暖涡主要分布在越南东南和吕宋岛西北海域,而冷涡分布于越南以东和南海东北部。秋季冷涡主要分布在越南沿岸,暖涡则分布在南海东北部;11a海面高度异常均方根的时空分布变化也显示了南海中尺度涡存在较强的年际变化。  相似文献
卫星跟踪浮标和卫星遥感海面高度中的南海涡旋结构   总被引:11,自引:2,他引:9  
选择4个南海卫星跟踪Argos漂流浮标及同期的TOPEX/Poseidon卫星遥感海面高度资料,研究了南海海域涡旋的活动及空间结构。这4个Argos漂流浮标的轨迹除了基本符合各季节海盆尺度环流趋势外,分别在菲律 宾以西、越南外海、南海中部等海域呈现出中尺度旋转轨迹。这些尺度涡旋现象在同期的TOPEX卫星遥感海面高度异常(SSHA)分布中得到了准确印证,并在诊断得到的地转流场中对应了一系列瞬变的中尺度涡旋运动。  相似文献
南海东北部海域中尺度涡的季节和年际变化   总被引:8,自引:0,他引:8  
采用7a的T/P高度计资料对南海东北部海域海面高度异常及其季节变化和年际变化进行研究。研究表明该海域是中尺度涡的高能量区,尤其经常生成强的反气旋涡;海面高度异常的均方根高值区(即中尺度涡的高能量区)主要分布在台湾西南部(21.3°N,119.0°E)和吕宋岛西北(19.5°N,119.5°E)附近的深水海域;海面高度异常的均方根值随季节有明显的变化,春季是中尺度涡最弱的季节,均方根值最小,夏季次之,秋、冬是中尺度涡最强的季节,均方根值最大;海面高度异常的均方根值也表现出显著的年际变化,特别在ElNi no事件期间(1997年)其年均方根值最小。  相似文献
三维斜压模式对冬季南海环流的数值计算   总被引:7,自引:0,他引:7       下载免费PDF全文
用一个三维、自由表面、原始方程模式对南海环流进行了计算.计算结果明黑潮在巴士海峡以西呈一反气旋弯曲流动路径,有一相对高温高盐的水舌从巴士海峡伸入南海,表明有部分黑潮水侵入南海.冬季南海的一些观测事实在模式结果里得到了很好的反映,像冬季逆风向东北方向流动的"南海暖流"和一些中尺度涡旋.同时还分析了巴士海峡沿120.75°E断面的流速和盐度的垂直结构,并同观测结果进行了比较.根据模式结果,我们还进一步讨论了"南海暖流"的形成和驱动机制.  相似文献
Trajectory of Mesoscale Eddies in the Kuroshio Recirculation Region   总被引:5,自引:1,他引:4  
Trajectories of mesoscale eddies in the Kuroshio recirculation region were investigated by using sea surface height (SSH) anomaly observed by the TOPEX/POSEIDON and ERS altimeters. Cyclonic and anticyclonic eddies have been traced on maps of the filtered SSH anomaly fields composed from the altimeter observations every ten days. Both the cyclonic and anticyclonic eddies propagate westward in the Kuroshio recirculation region from a region south of the Kuroshio Extension. The propagation speed of these eddies has been estimated as about 7 cm s−1, which is much faster than the phase speed theoretically estimated for the baroclinic first-mode Rossby wave in the study area. It was also found that in the Izu-Ogasawara Ridge region, most of eddies pass through the gap between the Hachijojima Island and Ogasawara (Bonin) Islands, and some of the eddies decay around the Izu-Ogasawara Ridge. It seems that the trajectory of the eddies is crucially affected by the bottom topography. In the region south of Shikoku and east of Kyushu, some of the eddies coalesce with the Kuroshio. It is also suggested that this coalescence may trigger the path variation of the Kuroshio in the sea south of Japan. This revised version was published online in August 2006 with corrections to the Cover Date.  相似文献
The Argo data are used to calculate eddy(turbulence)heat transport(EHT)in the global ocean and analyze its horizontal distribution and vertical structure.We calculate the EHT by averaging all the v′,T′profiles within each 2×2 bin.The velocity and temperature anomalies are obtained by removing their climatological values from the Argo"instantaneous"values respectively.Through the Student’s t-test and an error evaluation,we obtained a total of 87%Argo bins with significant depth-integrated EHTs(D-EHTs).The results reveal a positive-and-negative alternating D-EHT pattern along the western boundary currents(WBC)and Antarctic Circumpolar Current(ACC).The zonally-integrated D-EHT(ZI-EHT)of the global ocean reaches 0.12 PW in the northern WBC band and–0.38 PW in the ACC band respectively.The strong ZI-EHT across the ACC in the global ocean is mainly caused by the southern Indian Ocean.The ZI-EHT in the above two bands accounts for a large portion of the total oceanic heat transport,which may play an important role in regulating the climate.The analysis of vertical structures of the EHT along the 35 N and45 S section reveals that the oscillating EHT pattern can reach deep in the northern WBC regions and the Agulhas Return Current(ARC)region.It also shows that the strong EHT could reach 600 m in the WBC regions and 1 000 m in the ARC region,with the maximum mainly located between 100 and 400 m depth.The results would provide useful information for improving the parameterization scheme in models.  相似文献
南海中尺度涡的时空变化规律Ⅰ.统计特征分析   总被引:5,自引:2,他引:3       下载免费PDF全文
利用TOPEX/Poseidon混合ERS1/2高度计资料对1993~2002年间南海中尺度涡进行辨认和动态追踪,并对其时空变化规律进行统计分析,结果表明:南海平均每年出现18个涡旋,出现数量的年际变化与El Nio/La Nia有一定关系.多数涡旋的生命周期在180 d以内,近半数为30~60 d;半径大致在100 km到250 km间,其经向变化与斜压罗斯贝变形半径的经向变化趋势一致;80%的涡旋向西移动,纬向移速大致为在-8 cm/s到3 cm/s间,随纬度变化呈“∑”型分布.涡旋发生的区域主要位于越南南部以东至台湾西南一线海域,呈东北-西南向分布,其中,吕宋海峡以西海域和越南南部以东海域涡旋的出现概率相对较大,约为23%和25%,是涡旋的高发区.涡旋的存在对水深大于200 m海域的海面高度变化的平均贡献约为36%,在涡旋高发区的贡献高达80%.从涡旋出现地点、传播路径和速度、出现概率及对海面高度变化的贡献综合来看,涡旋大体可以沿17°N分成南北两个相对独立系统,一般不会有涡旋跨系统传播.  相似文献
Numerical simulations of eddies in the Gulf of Lion   总被引:4,自引:0,他引:4  
We present realistic simulations of mesoscale anticyclonic eddies, present in the western side of the Gulf of Lion and generally observed in satellite imagery during July and August. A nested model of 1-km resolution covering the Gulf of Lion is implemented from a coarse model of 3-km resolution. The models use an upwind-type advection–diffusion scheme, in which the numerical diffusion term is adjusted by an attenuation coefficient. Sensitivity tests have been carried out, varying the model spatial resolution and the attenuation coefficient to reproduce the (sub)mesoscale structures. A wavelet technique is applied to analyze the modelled horizontal relative vorticity in order to define the area, position and tracking duration of the eddy structures. Comparisons between the modelled eddies and those observed by satellite have allowed us to choose the best model setup. With this setup, the studied anticyclonic eddy lasted for 60 days.  相似文献
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